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in Protective Services and Security Services

We are a Local Grande Prairie security company with monitoring, patrolling, and guard services. 

Stop Vagrants Crime Trespassing Break-ins Loitering

Start Detering Recording Patrolling Arresting Protecting

We are the ultimate solution for Guard Services and Protective Services. Created by Security Professionals and operated by a team of individuals with previous law enforcement work, veterans, and security professionals in various settings.

Pricing and Packages

Here are our most popular packages. 

Cyber Security

Protect your network and safety of Data.
$ 69
  • PC Protection
  • Data Protection
  • Backup

On-Site Monitoring

Protect your property.
$ 699
  • Guard Response
  • Mobile Alerts
  • 24/7 Video Available as well

On-Site Monitoring and Patrol

Cameras and Physical Exterior/Interior Patrols.
$ 1699
  • Guard Response
  • Mobile Alerts
  • 24/7 Video Available as well

Get ABST Licensed Today!

We have partnered with an Alberta Justice accredited online security guard training agency and offer the online security guard course.

This helps us create more guards and more job opportunities in our neighbourhood. We are excited to offer this.  


The best care is on your side, Your all in one Solution.


With our 24/7 Dispatch team, our team can monitor your property any time or during set hours. Night Time Monitoring with a patrol unit can save costs and give you peace of mind.

Static Guards

Feeling unsafe in your property, hire a guard to deter crime. You determine the rules and how you want us to proceed with issues on your property. We employ hands-on and hands-off guards.


The security industry is changing with new technologies and experienced patrolmen and guards learning from incidents everyday, we train our team for the worst-case scenario. Our clients and security professionals tailor security packages and we enforce them.

Mobile Patrol Unit

A Mobile Patrol Unit dedicated to your company, there is no reason to worry. Just give us a call anytime or press the guard response button. Alarm response and guard response are critical and its how we ensure your safety.

Fully Protected

A dedicated cybersecurity division, monitoring division, patrol division and option to hire a static guard. You can ensure your property and data are safe.

Reliable Tech Team

With reliable technicians to ensure your cameras and security systems are working, we can ensure warranty and service anytime you need it.

Drone Patrolling

Elevate security with precision aerial surveillance. Swift, efficient, and vigilant protection for your premises.

Grizzly Insights Protective

Grizzly Insights Protective is a trusted provider of investigative and protective services. With cutting-edge technology and skilled professionals, we specialize in delivering tailored solutions, from comprehensive investigations to advanced skip tracing. Our commitment to confidentiality and integrity ensures clients receive precise insights for informed decision-making, making us the go-to choice for legal firms, corporations, and individuals seeking top-notch security solutions

CyberSecurity Services

Artificial intelligence (AI) cybersecurity

Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking

Vulnerability Assessment

Network Security

Incident Response and Management

Security Awareness Training

Security Audits and Compliance

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Endpoint Security

Web Application Security

Cybersecurity Training for Executives

Mobile Security

IoT Security

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Mitigation

Blockchain Security

Risk Management

Security Consulting

Data Encryption Solutions

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Managed Security Services

Cloud Security

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